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Complete Commitment To Our Customers

We offer a comprehensive technical support service online and over the phone. We offer support to all our customers on all COP products, including free remote networking support.

Complete support

Telephone Support
01457 874 999 
Available 8am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday.
Available 8am - 1:30pm Saturday
Remote Support
Help connecting a DVR/NVR over the internet or on a mobile phone.


If you need to view a DVR/NVR over the internet or on a mobile phone and require assistance with computer or router configuration, we can help.

Using a secure 256 bit SSL encrypted connection we can log directly into your computer and assist with all your DVR/NVR networking issues including setup, DDNS, Port forwarding & Smartphone connection.
What you need to do:

1. Ensure an engineer is on site
2. Make sure your computer and recorder are connected to the same router with internet access
3. Ensure you have your router username and password details

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contact us on WHATSAPP

Scan the QR code to start a chat with Technical!

Our technical team are available on WhatsApp to answer any technical queries. 

  • Great for any simple questions you need a quick answer for
  • Available during normal working hours
  • Send videos & images of your issue for quick diagnosis 

You can contact us for any technical queries, our technical team will aim to respond within 20 minutes.