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This Three In One Camera (TIOC) offers full colour, active deterrence and AI technology. Featuring a bright blue and red LED light, warning siren and built-in speakers to warn off intruders, all of which can be remotely triggered.

The combination of these functions will help reduce false alarm rates, improve efficiency and reduce operation costs.


The TIOC camera features all of the benefits of a full colour camera. Benefits of using a full colour are that the camera is able to provide a colourful image even under low light conditions. 


The active deterrence feature allows you to warn off intruders with enhanced two-way audio talk. The TIOC camera also features a red and blue flashing warning light which has been developed to be visible in even the worse weather conditions. 

ai technology

These cameras also features AI technologies, such as smart motion detection (SMD) and perimeter protection. 

Smart motion detection allows you to detect objects at an increased distance with a false alarm rate of less than 2%. Whilst perimeter protection will enable you to filter out items such as; leaves, light and any other interference.