Where can they be used?

Dahua mobile solutions can be used to help improve services, protect workers and passengers as well as, reduce damage and fraudulent insurance claims. Dahua mobile solutions can be used in these scenarios:

  • Bus and Coach Safety Systems
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking 
  • Freight and Haulage Systems
  • Driver and Speed Management 
  • Train and Tram Systems
  • Construction and Rapid Deployment
  • Accident, Vandalism and Fraud Prevention

Fleet Vehicles 

Companies with a fleet of vehicles can also benefit from Dahua mobile solutions. This includes vehicles operated by:

  • Haulage firms
  • Car rental companies
  • Public utility companies
  • Police/Fire departments

Built-in Features to Enhance Passenger Safety


Being a major part of public transportation systems, buses are the lifeblood of the cities, fulfilling an important role in sustaining populous areas. Factors such as increased threats to safety and operational inefficiency are straining the capabilities of bus service operators. To manage their fleets and ensure the safety of their passengers. Dahua Technology offers a public bus solution designed to address the unique requirements of this industry.

Dahua addresses these issues by creating a mobile solution that will provide operators with stable, high-definition video coverage that can enable management of ongoing events whilst collecting evidence for future investigations. 

Driver behaviour can also be regularly monitored. Since conventional solutions only record what is being seen, Dahua took bus security a step further by leveraging intelligent analytic software to study incoming footage and identify driver behaviour red flags such as; speeding, harsh accelerations and breaking. 

To manage peak-hour bus crowding scenarios, the system is designed to automatically switch from one camera to another to ensure clear views of the doors and other areas of interest on the vehicle. In other situations deemed serious, such as robberies or brawls, assistance can be requested by triggering an alarm via panic button. Additionally, a microphone facilitates direct communication with control room personel who are monitoring the situation to determine the best course of action to ensure the safety of all passengers.  

Enhanced Fleet Management and Operational Efficiency

Real-time tracking of the bus fleet is used to improve operational efficiency and provide passenger information. From this, the user is able to set up geographical boundaries with restrictions such as driving speeds and can detect if a bus is sticking to its assigned route or enters a forbidden zone. Additional information about fuel consumption, bus routes and alarm report history are also collected which will allow bus companies to run their operations more efficiently, safely and profitabily.