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At COP,  we recognise the importance of being able to put a system together quickly and efficiently. That's why we've now put together all our solutions so you can access them quicker and easier. 

Below you will find our selection of solutions we offer, from thermal measurements to people flow, we have a variety of options available. 

your solution providers

You can now learn more about all of our solutions easily in one place!

THE tioc solution

This Three In One Camera (TIOC) offers full colour, active deterrence and AI technology. Featuring a bright blue and red LED light, warning siren and built-in speakers to warn off intruders, all of which can be remotely triggered.

The combination of these functions will help reduce false alarm rates, improve efficiency and reduce operation costs.
Find below all your solution's from thermal systems to people flow control, click below to learn more about your chosen solution. 


Our Thermal Temperature Measurement system (BTM) offers the latest technology that has been recognised for its ability to provide precise temperature accuracy. Allowing for quick, accurate detection of elevated skin temperatures.


The Thermal Access Solution (T-MAC) provides an all-in-one product designed to instantly read, monitor and display the skin temperature of individual subjects.

flow control

The Dahua People Flow Control System offers the latest technology capable monitoring and limiting the number of people within a defined area.


The Temperature Check Solution (T-CHECK) provides an all-in-one product designed to instantly read, monitor and display the skin temperature of individuals using wrist temperatures only.

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