Cop Security & IRLAB (IR) lighting the way...

19th June 2017

Why use IR Lighting?
The larger a CCTV system becomes, the more important it is to use LED illuminators as the cost savings are multiplied. The zero maintenance of LED’s is another benefit on large systems. To raise standards, all CCTV should be designed for 24 hour surveillance, not just daytime operation. To be truly secure, a site must be protected night and day.

Because of this Cop Security can offer two high quality ranges of IR Illuminators, IRLAB and Cop Security’s own range. Both ranges offer high performance and super high powered LED’s to enable clear night time images, even in the most demanding circumstances. Both ranges are also extremely good value and offer the same features as other leading IR illuminator manufacturers. 

The IRLAB range offers illuminators that can cover distances from 25 metres up to 200 metres over angles from 30 degrees to 120 degrees. While the Cop Security range can cover distances from 60 metres up to 350 metres over angles from 10 degrees to 120 degrees.

The Cop Security range also features a trigger input and output, enabling you to link multiple units together on a single site. This means that all of the units will trigger simultaneously and work together to effectively.

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