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About Dahua Mobile Solutions

Daily commutes are a part of life. Dahua Mobile Solutions include mobile products, related software and accessories, providing end-to-end one-stop solutions including customisation & system integration. Dahua Mobile Solutions have been widely deployed in different countries to both secure personal safety and greatly improve overall efficiency.

Thousands of buses around the world have been equipped with Dahua mobile products, the President of Dahua Technology said 'customers are facing challenges from multiple fronts; from risk of terror attacks, driver fatigue, mobile phone use and other dangerous driving behaviours. More specifically, the public bus mobile solution has been positioned to offer pulic transport an effective system that will not only enhance passanger safety, but also improve fleet management and overall operational efficiency. 

Why Mobile Solutions?

Dahua Mobile Solutions can help with security concerns such as crime, accidents and dangerous driving. They can also be used for fleet management, tracking and scheduling.

Dahua mobile solutions offer:

Alarm and Crash Detection System

Various alarm detectors connected with mobile DVR help to safeguard passengers and drive against robbery, vandalism and accidents. 

Accurate GPS Tracking

Accurate tracking can show speed limits, routes, departure and arival areas on the client e-map, which includes Google map support. 

Speed Alerts

GPS allows updates and alerts on the vehicle. Location, direction & speed can be viewed at a control centre. Two way audio allows communication with the driver. 

Automatic Data Uploads

When the vehicles arrive at the terminal station, the mobile NVR can switch from the 3G or 4G network to the Wi-Fi network and backup the data to the control centre saving the network traffic costs.