Mobile Solutions Software

Daily commutes are a part of life. Dahua mobile solutions includes mobile projects, related software and accessories, providing end-to-end one-stop solutions including customisation and system integration.

DSS-M is the main server based software for Dahua mobile solutions. This powerful software features multi-device, multi-channel real time monitoring and record playback.

It includes an E-map function allowing users to locate devices at any time using google or raster maps. DSS-M is also equipped with:

  • Alarm Reports
  • Speed Alerts
  • Crash Detection System

DSS-M is able to give updates and send alerts to the control centre on vehicle location, direction and vehicle collisions. 

Technology Higlights

Remote Access

Networking mobile units gives users a huge range of benefits, offering more than just a simple video recording. When used in conjunction with a secure 4G/Wi-Fi network all units can be tracked and viewed using Dahua DSS-M software. 

Live View

Simply select a recorder from the map to access live footage from all attached cameras. Data from the cameras also includes GPS co-ordinates and speed of travel.


Dahua DSS-M also allows users to select and view previous journey footage for accidents or other potential incidents. 

Accurate GPS Tracking

Accurate tracking can show speed limits, routes, departure & arrival areas on the client e-map, which includes Google Map Support.

  • Track live, real time movement of the vehicle
  • View previous journey video footage and map tracking
  • View time, speed, position, direction and alarms

Realtime Unit Information

DSS-M allows users to track the movements of an entire fleet of vehicles at once. Selecting a unit on the map allows users to see live data.

Geo Zones

Geo zones are virtual geographic boundaries, enabling Dahua DSS-M software to trigger a response when a mobile recorder enters or leaves a particular area. 

Geo Zone Setting Options

Various zones can be set on the client e-map including:

  • Speed limit zone - set a maximum speed limit for a specific area 
  • Driving zone - Alarm triggered if a vehicle exits in this area
  • Forbidden zone - Alarm triggered if a vehicle enters this area
  • Departure & arrival zone 

Users can set responses for each alarm notification which includes:

  • Video popup with audio alert
  • Email notification 
  • Record to server 
  • Display on TV Wall 

Alarm Triggers

Dahua recorders include various alarm settings. Alarms can be set to trigger for:

  • Hard drive errors
  • Low hard drive space
  • Temperature too high
  • Collision 
  • Turnover
  • Over speed
  • Low speed 
  • Illegal Login
  • Battery voltage low

Secure Data

Dahua mobile recorders can be viewed using a 3G or 4G network connection. This connection or Wi-Fi can be used to backup the data to the DSS-M server.

4G Coverage on the Move

We recommend CSL routers & SIM cards for Dahua Mobile solutions connectivity. Designed to improve an easy solution when broadband is unavailable ensuring security is not compromised. 

Automatic Wi-Fi Data Backup

Dahua recorders can be set to download all footage and data automatically when connected to an network via Wi-Fi.