Mobile Solutions Hardware

Dahua mobile solutions are desiged and tested for reliability when installed in harsh vehicle environments. Dahua mobile devices comply with ISO16750-3 and EN50155 to protect the systyem from electrical surge and vibration. 

Anti-Vibration and Surge Protection

When the vehicle is running on the road, onboard shock and vibration are the main causes of HDD damage and video footage loss. Dahua mobile devices comply with ISO16750-3 and EN50155 to protect the system from electrical surge and vibration. 

Power-Off Protection

A power-capacitor is used to switch off the system safely in case of sudden power loss. This avoids data loss and can extend the hard disk lifespan. It keeps working for 5 seconds after loss of power. Dahua devices have passed standards IS07637-2.

Temperature Protection

Working temperature of -30°C - +60°C can cater for extreme working conditions inside the vehicle. 

Technology Highlights

Dahua mobile recorders & cameras undergo rigorous testing to ensure continuous operation in all conditions. 

Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor

Mobile DVR's are equipped with a G-Sensor inside, which are able to detect vehicle collisions or accidents and force an alarm to notify the DSS-M software. 

Smart Scene Adaptive

Dahua unique image processing technology makes the camera adjust to suit different light conditions automatically.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The WDR function is extremely useful in spaces near windows to get clear images. With up to 120dB WDR, cameras can capture an optimised high quality image even in a high contrast, bright environment. 

Water and Dust Resistant

Dahua offers cameras with water and dust resistant ratings of IP6K9K, ensuring they work in harsh environments. 

Hot Swap Hard Drives

Hard drive bays in Dahua mobile recorders offer the ability to 'Hot Swap' hard drives in the event of an incident. This allows hard drives to be changed quickly, keeping the system in use.