Learn More About Our LigoWave Range

What is LigoWave Wireless Solutions?

LigoWave is a wireless access point that allows Wi-Fi compatible devices, such as smartphones or personal computers, to connect to a wireless network, thus allowing access to the internet. This allows users to connect to the internet at any time at any location.

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LigoWave Radio Transmission Distances

DLB-PROP-5-4541Up to 7Km (4.35 miles)

DLB5M-20Up to15Km (9.32 miles)

(Distances will vary by site and conditions).

Hardware Platform

Powerful new generation CPU ensures excellent performance delivering higher up to 170 Mbps capacity and high packet per second rate. The range offers seamless performance, even in noisy environments.

Integrated Surge Protection

3 kV line to ground and 1 kV line-to-line protection allows operating in a harsh weather conditions and unstable electrical installations.

Operating System Included

The supplied operating system includes all the essential features for point-to-multipoint networks.
The user interface is built using HTML 5 technology with responsive design. Features include IPv6 bridge and router support, SSDP and Bonjour device discovery options, flexible traffic shaping and SSTP client.

iPoll 3 – Enhanced Performance Protocol

LigoWave’s iPoll™ PTMP (Point to Multi-Point) proprietary protocol is an innovative solution to eliminate transmission congestion and close cluster interference created in PTMP wireless installations. Without iPoll, any device will transmit data without timing and coordination. iPoll overcomes these problems and drastically improves performance results. 

iPoll 3 VS iPoll 2

  • Multiple client polling when the base-station is transmitting. 
  • Hardware accelerated QoS allows prioritising mission critical data and delivery of different services.