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IRLAB At A Glance

  • Over 200 employees
  • 40 professional R&D staff
  • 7100m2 office & production facility
  • ISO9001 certified


Started in 1992, IRLAB Limited design and manufacturer high quality and professional CCTV products, based in Taiwan and Shenzhen, China, IRLAB employ over 200 people. Cop Security have worked with IRLAB for 25 years. They have developed products at the forefront of technology, ensuring that all designs include the latest features and high quality components. 

2018 sees the release of a comprehensive range of IRLAB IP products offering the features and quality you have come to expect, with the bonus compatibility with other brands and competitive pricing. 

IRLAB are ISO9001 certified, meaning all their products are consistently built to the highest standards.

IRLAB History