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Encoding describes the process of converting a given video input into a digital format. During this process the video is compressed using a codec such as H.264 or H.265 which is a large factor in the overall size/bandwidth of the final video files. This process occures whether video is being recorded by a cctv camera or captured by a smartphone. 

These advances is efficiency mean that the same amount of days of recording can be achieved as a previous standard, with a smaller hard drive capacity.  


HDCVI Features & Benefits

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H.264 is a popular compression standard that has been used across most video industries for a number of years. H.264 succeeded MPEG4 as H.264 was approximately 50% more efficient than MPRG4. 


H.264+ was developed by Dahua Technology to improve upon the efficiency of H.264 even further, offering bandwith savings of up to 30% when compared to H.264. 


H.265 is fast becoming the most widely used compression standard across the cctv industry today. H.265 offers up to 50% more efficiency than that of H.264. 


Much like H.264+, H.265+ was developed by Dahua Technology to improve upon the efficiency of H.265 even further, offering bandwidth savings of up to 50% when compared to H.264.

Power over Coax (POC)

Several products in the HDCVI include power over coax (PoC). PoC sends power directly from the DVR via coax cable, meaning no local power is required at the camera. 

Audio Over Coax

XVR-X DVRs accept audio directly from cameras with a microphone via coax cable. 

Multi Output

Multi-output cameras allow for connections to various types of input devices such as HDCVI or analogue recorders. 


Dahua's Starlight technology is ideal for applications with challenging lighting conditions. Its low-light performance delivers usable video with minimal ambient light. Even in extreme low-light conditions. Starlight Technology is capable of delivering colour images in near complete darkness (0.005 lux). 

HDCVI Compatible

HDCVI compatible devices can be used with HDCVI cameras and recorders to transmit, receive or split a HD-CVI signal. HDCVI compatible refers to the video aspect of the HDCVI signal, telemetry & audio may not be supported.