Learn More about Dahua Door Entry

Dahua video door entry systems are ideal for homes and residential apartments through to commercial building. The range includes products for both internal and external of the building designed for preventing unauthorised personnel from entering designated areas and keeping access records. It includes modular video intercoms with cameras, touch screen systems plus door controllers, access readers, locks and cards. 

Why choose Dahua Door Entry?

Our range of Dahua Door Entry products offer a user friendly and flexible solution for door entry control, from standalone domestic units to fully integrated building management. Simple to install with a wide selection of features and benefits, the range includes an option for every type of customer and installation. 

Why choose to install Dahua video door entry products:

  • Keep buildings secure
  • 24 hour protection
  • Remote access control
  • Central control & flexibility 
  • Futureproof installations
  • High quality camera images
  • Simple installation and use

What is Door Entry? 

Dahua Door Entry covers video intercoms with cameras, monitors, keypads and card readers, ideal for domestic installations and small commercial entrances. It also includes door access around commercial premises, securing buildings electronically, removing the need for keys. 

Features of Door Entry

Dahua Door Entry products can be integrated with Dahua Smart PSS software. Networked modules can be setup, adjusted, monitored and can send and recieve alarm information. 

  • Central control and flexibility 
  • PC control
  • Software included
  • Smart PSS integration is ideal for receptions and security offices

Integration with Smart PSS also means the system can be integrated with exisiting Dahua CCTV Systems. Footage can be viewed of any networked CCTV cameras or video door entry products anywhere on site. This gives the installer and user the flexibility to setup, manage and control CCTV and video door entry products using one interface. 

Selected Dahua units also offer complete control and flexibility allowing you to set who has access as well as where and when they have access. 

Door Entry Management

Central Control
Dahua Door Entry products can be controlled via Smart PSS from a central location. It allows configuration of users and system settings on multiple sites. 

Event Reporting
The system logs all events allowing users to easily track staff and visitor movements. 

Flexibility, control who has access
Using Dahua Door Entry you can add and remove users from the system or change access privelges quickly and easily.

Anti Passback & Interlock
Door Entry products offer strict access procedures to combat unauthorised use or abuse of the system.

Video Calling 
Camera modules offer high quality images for video calling, day or night.

Monitor Messaging
It is possible to call between monitors and for central management to send messages to all users.

Single and Multi Door Options
The range includes a selection of fully configureable, stand alone, single or multi door options which can be monitored via Smart PSS.

Assign Access Priviledges & Track Movement
Administrators have control of all access rights for individual users. You can allow or limit access as required. It is also possible to track each users movement through the building. 

Schedule Access Times
Access can be scheduled for office working hours, for example between 8am and 6pm on weekdays, then restricted at all other times. 

Integrate with Dahua CCTV Systems
Linking a CCTV and door entry system is easy via Smart PSS, allowing control of both with one piece of software.