Train and Tram Systems 

Dahua mobile solutions offer complete security for both drivers cab and passanger carriages. Dahua products are EN50155 rated for all onboard locations.

Mobile IP System

Recorder stores footage from all onboard cameras. The monitor allows the driver to see live view of other cameras covering platforms to help ensure passengers are safe. Two way talk offer the driver a direct link to the station in case of incident. Mounted cameras films passenger interaction and helps protect the staff from abuse/false claims. 

How Dahua Mobile Solutions can help

Driver and Employee Safety

Driver cab and carriage cameras can help safeguard employees from the threat of violence during each journey.

Platform Coverage

External cameras can offer drivers a better side view of the vehicle and platform during arrival & departure, keeping passengers safe. 

Passenger Safety 

Passenger safety on public transport is paramount. Cameras can be monitored in real time with issues reported to the driver, depot staff or emergency service. Footage can also be used against fraudulent personal injury claims. 

Protect Against Vandalism

Trains can be targets for vandals, both inside and outside are vulnerable. Cameras can act as a deterent to vandals and would catch clear footage of criminals in the act.

EN50155 Rated Equipment 

Dahua products are EN50155 for installation of onboard CCTV systems. This ensures reliable recording with protection against data corruption due to vibrations or shocks. 

Automatic Data Uploads

When the vehicle arrives at the depot, the mobile NVR can switch from the 3G or 4G network to the Wi-Fi network and backup the data to the control centre saving the network traffic cost. 

Effective Video Surveillance

Dahua mobile solutions provide staff and passengers safety and can therefore make operations more efficient. 

Dahua mobile products are EN51055 rated for use in on board environments. With features such as anti-vibration and shock protection, the Dahua range can provide high quality, crystal clear video throughout the vehicle. 

Designed and tested for use in all conditions including total darkness and extreme cold.