Accident, Vandalism & Fraud Prevention

Reducing insurance risk is of major importance to businesses. Dahua mobile solutions can help reduce fleet vandalism and fraud. 

Dahua mobile solutions can help protect valuable business assets in cases of accident, vandalism and cash for crash insurance claims. 

Easy Backup

Hard drives in Dahua mobile recorders can be changed quickly using an HDD caddy. This makes back up quick and simple. Hard drives can be connected via USB to a computer and backed up using Dahua Smart Player software. 

Crash Detection

G-Sensors within Dahua mobile recorders can be used to trigger alarms in the event of an accident. Alarms can show location and live onboard footage, as well as marking footage so it is easy to find at a later date. 

How Dahua Mobile Solutions can help

Driver Safety 

Driver mobile solutions offer live data of drivers location and two way communication in case of emergency.

Front, Rear & Driver Footage 

Cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR) offer clear images, even in the most challenging light conditions.

Reduce Cash for Crash Insurance Claims

The use of cameras can reduce inflated and fraudulant insurance claims arising from crash to cash scams. 

Reduce Vandalism

Cameras can act as a deterent to would be vandals and catching clear footage of criminals in the act.

Clear Blame from None Fault Accidents 

High resolution video can clearly show fault in the event of an accident. Footage can also show the lead up to and after the event.

Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims

Fraudulent personal injury claims can be stopped with clear video evidence. 

Front, Rear & Driver Footage

Multiple camera views can give a better understanding of an incident, including the moments before, after and the drivers reactions. This is particularly useful in fighting cash for crash scams, which video footage showing how the event unfolded aswell as those involved. This can reduce inflated insurance cost and stop bogus claims from third parties.

Vandalism & Theft Reduction

Badly lit and large carparks can attract thieves and vandals who think they won't be seen. Dahua mobile solutions can act as a visual deterrant to opportunist criminals. Stolen vehicles can also be tracked using DSS-M software and potentially help police to recover the vehicle.

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