Freight & Haulage Systems

Road haulage is essential for people and businesses across the UK. It is a highly competitive industry, with staff working in variable conditions whilst having to deliver on time and safely. 

Transport managers can protect their fleet, cargo and ensure the safety of their drivers using Dahua mobile solutions. Most operators work within a tightly regulated licensing regime that actively promotes road safety compliance. Dahua mobile solutions can provide high quality video in the event of any incidents. 

How Dahua Mobile Solutions can help

Driver Safety

With heavy goods drivers covering large distances, day and night, their safety is paramount. Dahua mobile solutions offer live data of drivers location and two way communication in case of emergency.

Theft Prevention 

Cameras can be a visual deterant to thieves, helping to keep goods safe. 

Load Security

Adding cameras to the cargo/load area helps monitor goods in transit and can act as proof in case of damage in transit disputes.

Reduce Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Cash for crash and other fraudulent accidents & personal injury claims can be stopped with clear video evidence. 

Blindspot Coverage

Large vehicles are difficult to manoeuvre, especially when reversing. Mobile cameras and cab monitor give the driver extra visibility when on the move. 

Timesheet Verification 

Confirm driver timesheets and delivery with accurate departure time, route and arrival times. 

Speed Alerts & Accurate GPS Tracking

Location, direction and speed can be viewed at a control centre. Two way audio allows communication with the driver. Accurate tracking can show speed limits, routes, departure & arrival areas on the client e-map, which includes Google Map support. 

Reduce Vandalism & Theft 

Vehicles parked in unsecure areas, such as service stations, are a target for gangs and can be subject to vandalism & theft. Cameras can catch incidents and two way communication to a fleet manager can help aid a driver. 

Damage in Transit Disputes

Transporting goods can be risky and expensive. Dahua mobile solutions allows drivers to check on loads during transit and report issues as they arise. Video footage can also confirm the condition of goods delivered. 

For more information, download our Mobile Solutions brochure here.