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About Dahua ePoE

COP UK offer a range of Dahua ePoE NVR's for use with our ePoE cameras. ePoE offers up to 800 metre transmission distance, benefiting installations covering large areas. ePoE technoloy simplifies the network structure of long-range surveillance projects, eliminating the requirement for extra network repeater devices, making the system more reliable and easy to deploy. 

Dahua ePoE technology achieves long distance transmission of power, video, audio and control signals. It enables more flexible surveillance system designs, improves reliability and saves on construction and wiring costs.

Where can ePoE be used?

ePoE systems are ideal for monitoring large spaces that feature camera locations that are at distances usually further than 100 meters, such as:

  • Retail Outlets
  • Warehouses
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Car Parks

Why use ePoE?

The conventional approach is to add repeater devices to extend the transmission range. However, this increases equipment and installation costs as a power supply and junction box are required to install the repeater. It also makes the system harder to maintain and increase the risk of product failure. 

It greatly simplifies network construction, as only one cable is required to connect from the front-end to the back-end devices, which results in higher reliability, lower installation and maintenance costs for the whole system. 

Standard IP Installation

ePoE IP Installation