Environmental Responsibility 

At COP UK we are increasing our environmental awareness. These are the steps we have taken as a company to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and promote environmental good practice. As a result of this, we are proud to say that we are now 100% additional plastic packaging free. 

What We Aim to Achieve

Wherever possible we aim to: 

  • Reduce the amount of waste produced
  • Review and enforce our sustainable policy to align with good practice 
  • Reduce the consumption of raw materials
  • Reduce and/or limit the discharge of pollutants to water, land or air
  • Use recyclable and renewable materials in place of virgin products where possible
  • Minimise waste by reducing consumption and pollution and developing effective waste-management and recycling procedures
  • Ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to take an active role in implementing and developing our environmental policy

Our Progress So Far...

To date, COP UK has made the following achievements in regards to:

  • Changing our packaging to be more environmentally friendly
  • Switching from cardboard boxes to 100% recycled material to package our products
  • We use paper based packaging tape instead of plastic tape 
  • Biodegradeable air cushion packaging
  • Biodegradeable polywrap
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Reduction of printed communications for invoicing 
  • We swapped our plastic fountain cups to paper cups!

Our Packaging Policy

To make the most of using the least, we have reviewed our delivery packaging policy and as a result, we have invested in complete recyclable packaging. We are proud to say that we are now 100% additional plastic packaging free, from our trade counter bags to the tape we use to seal our boxes. 

Cardboard Boxes

All of our packaging boxes are made from cardboard which has already been recycled. We purchase our boxes from environmentally friendly suppliers who have  a strong sustainability policy.

Our boxes are 100% recyclable, biodegradeable and compostable, reducing the need for raw materials.

This also makes them easy to dispose of responsibly and we encourage all our customers to join in and recycle them too!

Paper Tape

We now use gummed reinforced papertape to seal all of our boxes because the tape is reinforced we can reduce the amount needed to securely seal a box by 75% compared to traditional tape.

The tape is water activiated and 100% recyclable. 

Air Cushion Packaging

We now use 100% biodegradeable air cushion packaging to make sure your goods are safe and secure in transit. 

AIRplus BIO film is lightweight, reusable and recycable. It is made of biodegradeable materials including corn and potato starch collected from food production waste. It is certified as compostable to European standards. 

This packaging can be recycled in food and garden waste bins!

Trade Counter

All of our Trade Counter bags are made from recycled paper and are biodegradable. Our bags are lightweight yet are strong enough to carry any CCTV equipment.

Bubble Wrap

We now use biodegradeable bubble wrap to package all of our products. Biodegradeable bubble wrap combines all the properties of normal bubble wrap but will decompose over time.

This packaging can be recycled in food and garden waste bins!

Paper Bags

Paper bags are made from renewable natural resources and can be reused repeatedly. We are pleased to say that we have replaced our small plastic bags with paper equivalents, to make sure all your loose connectors stay together when shipped.