Construction & Rapid Depolyment 

Dahua mobile solutions are ideal for deployment in short term applications. Easily secure remote areas such as construction sites, areas of fly tipping, public events and festivals. 

Use for Temporary Sites

  • Temporary sites often use towers with a cabinet to store the recorder with a camera mounted at the top. This is ideal in areas where running cables are not suitable. Each recorder can be accessed over 4G removing the need for broadband access on site. 

  • External cameras capture high resolution video of different areas of the site and perimeter, keeping workers and equipment safe. 

How Dahua Mobile Solutions can help

Temporary Deployment

Dahua mobile solutions offer a quick and simple option for quick deployment and short term installations, such as construction sites, festivals and sports events.

Ruggedised Design for Extra Protection 

Products are designed for protection against movement and use in harsh environments. 

Remote Access at Any Time

Keep sites secure 24/7. Networked mobile recorders can be remotely accessed at any time. This can keep construction sites safe from theft or be used as extra surveillance at events. 

On Site Health & Safety 

Monitor vulnerable workers, ensuring correct procedures are being followed. Footage can be used for health and safety reviews and saved in case of incident. 

Vandalism & Theft Protection

The threat of trespass, vandalism and theft can mean major costs for businesses. Mobile solutions cut the risk by being a visible deterrent. 

Lower Costs 

Dahua mobile solutions can help cut down on manned guarding costs and can also be redeployed at different sites. 

Proactive Site Monitoring

Dahua mobile solutions can be used for a range of rapid deployment and temporary applications such as tackling fly tipping, temporary traffic monitoring and stopping antisocial behaviour in high risk areas. 

Covering Events 

Redeployable products that are ruggedised can withstand use in harsh environments are ideal for event monitoring. Sporting fixtures, festivals or other public gatherings are perfect for Dahua mobile solutions. 

As the range offer 4G connectivity, events can be monitored offsite adding an extra layer of security. 

Mobile products can be installed and removed quickly for use on the next event, without the risks associated with moving electrical equipment. 

For more information, download our Mobile Solutions brochure here.