MPEG-4 triplex 16 channel DVR with CD / DVD writer
MPEG-4 triplex digital video recorder 16 channel version. Each DVR has a built in DVD Writer and a USB port that can copy video and audio to either a CD-R/DVD-R or to a USB memory stick. Every time a backup is made the software required to play back on a computer is automatically copied.
Each DVR can accept a wide range of hard drive sizes, with a maximum of 100 fps recording at 320 x 288 and real time live display. There are many options for displaying images including full screen, quad screen or each camera can be sequenced in full screen, there is also a picture in picture function. Alarm inputs and motion detection allow recording to be started only when there is an event, this allows recording times to be extended. There are 2 main monitor outputs, a VGA main monitor output and an S-Video monitor output, all camera inputs have video loop through. There is a built in fast LAN port allowing remote viewing using the software included. RS485 PTZ telemetry control with Pelco D Protocol allows speed domes to be controlled via the front keypad, the infrared remote or over the network. The DVR is triplex allowing simultaneous recording, playback and remote viewing as well as backup. Each channel can bet set to record at different frame rates and quality settings.
  • 16 channels with loop through
  • 100 frames per second recording
  • Set frame rate for each channel
  • Pre & post alarm recording
  • Audio recording
  • Real time live display
  • Split, full screen & sequence display
  • 2 x main monitor outputs (BNC)
  • 1 x VGA main monitor output
  • 1 x S-Video monitor output
  • 1 x Spot monitor output (BNC)
  • 16 x Alarm inputs
  • 4 x alarm output
  • Motion detect
  • Schedule recording
  • CDR and USB backup
  • Play back software written to CDR/DVD/USB
  • Fast LAN connection (software included)
  • Remote control over network
  • Infra red remote included
  • Digital zoom
  • Covert camera function
  • RS485 Pelco-P PTZ control

16 Channel XT only specifications
Video inputs
Video outputs (loop through)
Alarm input
Alarm output
Audio input
Audio output
Live display
225 fps

XT series DVR specifications


Record method MPEG-4
Triplex, simultaneous recording, playback, live, network & backup
720 x 576 / 720 x 288 / 320 x 288
Record speed
25FPS / 50FPS / 100FPS
Record setup
Individual frame rate and quality setting for each channel
Maximum HDD size
1000 GB (2 x 500GB)
Monitor output
Main (2 x BNC), VGA, S-Video & spot monitor
Display modes
Full, quad, split, sequence & picture in picture
Spot Monitor
Full, quad, sequence
Covert cameras
Hide cameras from live view but allow recording
Channel OSD 8 Characters per channel description
Event / schedule  
Motion detect Yes with individual channel setup with sensitivity setting and 8 x 8 grid
Schedule recording
Day, week, hour, weekend, channel
Event recording
Motion trigger or alarm trigger
Water mark
Alarm trigger
Alarm inputs, motion detection
Front panel
Easy to use tactile keypad
IR remote control
Full function infra red remote control
PTZ control
Full PTZ control using front panel, IR remote control or network
PTZ Protocol
RS485 with Pelco-P and Pelco-D @ 2400 and 9600 baud
Backup to removable media
To CDR/DVD disc using built in CDR drive, or memory stick using USB port
Backup playback software
Dedicated playback software saved automatically with every backup copy
Playback PC requirements
Windows 2000 or windows XP
Search, Playback  
Search options
Time / date, event or log search
Play controls
Play / pause, stop, FFWD & FRWD up to 128 times, frame step
Recommended use
Recommended for regular use over network
Realistic frame rate
15 frames per second on a standard ADSL connection
Multi-Site remote connections
Connect to up to 15 sites at the same time
Monitoring software
Dedicated client software for windows 2000 & windows XP
Monitoring software user limit
4 users + 1 admin user may connect to a single DVR at the same time
Remote engineering
Remote setup functions over network
RJ45 connector for remote viewing and playback with over 10 / 100 Mbps LAN or ADSL internet
Size 430 x 360 x 100mm 2U rack mount (brackets supplied)
Weight (No HDD) 8.5 Kg

Hard drive size required : Low settings ( 360 x 288 @ Normal quality)
  100fps 50fps 25fps 16fps 4fps
7 days 400 320 160 160 160
14 days 800 400 320 160 160
21 days - 640 320 320 160
31 days
640 320
46 days
Hard drive size required : High settings ( 720 x 288 @ High quality)
  50fps 25fps 16fps 8fps 4fps
7 days 640 320 320 160 160
14 days - 640 400 320 160
21 days - - 640 320 160
31 days - - - 640 320
46 days - - - 800 400